A collection of the best security plugins for Wordpress. These include complete solutions with firewall and malware scans and more simple plugins for login protection. Wordpress security plugins are essential part of your Wordpress installation and  reduce drastically the chances for your site to be infected by malicious code. Wordpress attacks are common threat so better be prepared.

Web design in changing in fast pace in 2017. Here we discuss some of the top trends in web design and development in 2017. Including dynamic and asymmetric design,virtual reality experiences, bold typography combined with minimalistic layouts, the innovations in responsive design and it's effect on SEO,  CSS and jQuery animations and more...

10 important mobile seo tips

A list with the ten most important SEO tips that will help your site rank better in all search engines. Includes the right ways to implement responsive design, present your data in a friendly and structured way for the Google bot and of course - the user. The list contains also tips for optimizing the performance of your website by reducing it's size and requests in various ways.

In this article we list 7 mendatory SEO tips for better search engine rankings. Quality content is still king but also you can improve drastically your position if you follow the new Google guildelines, improve page speed, create correctly optimized sitemaps and generate organic link building. The design, UI and architecture of the whole site also play big role in SEO in 2017.

joomla security

A handy list with recommendations for improving the security of Joomla based websites. Web security is an important issue and when not done properly can expose your site to various hacks and exploits that circulate the web. Read the whole article to find the most important ways to make your website immune to the most common attacks.

webdesign trends 2016

Check out some of the hottest trends in webdesign in 2016. Including rich animations, microinteractions,  material design, better focus on UX design, flexbox and others. Read the whole article to discover the ways the experts predict that the web will change in 2016 and the best possible ways to keep up with the new best practices in the web design field.